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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

the tipsy investor is a blog that ranges over several target areas. this is an interactive blog designed to increase ones financial literacy, learn about several methods of real estate investing and bridge the gap between the two and black culture.

2020 was a year to never forget. for me, it started off as a year of change and later became a year of deep contemplation.

between leaving my ship, purchasing my second home and moving to a new life was extremely dynamic. when the deadly covid-19 pandemic hit, i was in for a rude dynamic lifestyle became still. very very still. i found myself stuck at home, isolated from all of my loves ones...alone with my thoughts.

i thought a lot about life and purpose. about what is important to me and what i should do with it. the more i thought about this, the more it resonated the importance of financial literacy and how such a large percentage of african americans are simply not informed. the purpose of this blog is to fix this deficiency! I want to share my story towards financial literacy/independence and to create an open dialog for others to share theirs as well.

i've had so many blessings, made so many mistakes, learned so many lessons, and experiences so much growth. this blog is my journey to success.

let's grow together! i hope you are just as excited as I am to get this going.

Let's start small and grow big. we can do this.

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